Demo, Removal, Grading & Soil Prep

We work with homeowners and municipalities to demolish burned-out, condemned and unwanted structures.  We will contact utilities services to mark lines for safe demolition and re-grading of the site, haul debris to appropriate landfills, work...

Excavation, Earth-Moving, Compacting

Our fleet of excavation equipment is extensive! Whether the job requires a small skidsteer or earth-movers like a excavator or dozer, we have what takes to get your project done.  By owning equipment, we are in complete control of availability...

Aggregate Delivery, Equipment Moving

We have all sizes and types of trucks and trailers for hauling rock, dirt, equipment and other materials.

Our fleet includes:

  • Semis

  • Tandems

  • Dump trucks

  • Lowboys

  • Stepdecks

  • Box Trailers


We service all of...

Demolition, Grading, Rock & Topsoil Delivery

We are your source for home projects, including

  • Delivery of aggregates

  • Screened Topsoil, Gravel and Sand on Site

  • Sidewalks and Driveways

  • Driveway Removal and Grading

  • Exposing Utility Lines for Repairs

  • Demolition of...

Commercial and Residential

We have completed concrete projects from sidewalks, driveways, patios to parking lots, & heated sidewalks and walkways.

Located at 501 Ave C in Danville IL

We have 10' by 15' mini-warehouses for immediate rental.  They are located at 501 Ave C, Danville, IL.  Call us at 217.354.4372 for information.

Sewer & Water

Owens currently has worked on several drainage projects for multiple townships, villages and cities.


We have material in our yard available for pick up.  Please call 217-354-4372 to check availabilty.